Common questions and answers regarding our service.
Do you charge per user fees?
No. Our pricing is based on the number of spam & virus free emails that our filtering servers forward to your mail server.
I don't know how much it will cost me
Charging based on the way we do (dependent on the number of spam & virus free emails) is not something typical in our industry. However it falls in line with the way most cloud based services are charged these days, which is based on usage. You can easily determine your costs for our service by using our free 30 day trial. We've also found that a typical user receives an average of 400 spam & virus free emails per month (excluding interoffice email which usually never goes through our service because it is delivered to the local mailbox when a user sends a message to another user within your organization and utilizes your mail server as the outbound smtp server).
Can I trust you?
We've been providing email filtering services since the year 2000. We utilize trusted technology (Barracuda) and infrastructure (Amazon Web Services).
What is the difference between you and Barracuda?
We license Barracuda products to mix with other services we offer to bring you a best of breed offering. Email filtered through our systems isn't any different than email filtered through services offered from Barracuda directly. We use the same technology. We just offer it for a lot less. By now you are probably wondering how we can offer a solution less than the company that made it? The answer is simple. We don't have the overhead that Barracuda does. We don't have as many mouths to feed. The model of our parent company (Intertune) is to offer self-serve services at the lowest possible costs with all the tools you need to make sure you don't have any problems.
Do you offer support?
Yes. We offer 24/7 email based support. Our response times are within 2-4 hours during business hours (PST) and 4-8 hours outside of that. We're here to help you. You have access to all the same tools our technicians do to help you diagnose an issue, but if you get stuck or need help you can rely on us.
Do you have screen shots?
Yes. Check out the screen shots here.